Segmented Push Notifications

Push notifications enable timely, relevant communication. Use tagging to take push notifications a step further by sending notifications only to segmented users.

Let's Get Started

Go to People > Tags and create tags (e.g. A private tag like “Staff,” and another publicly viewable like “General.”

Private Segmented Push Notifications

  • For sending private push messages, each person needs to be tagged. Under People > Profiles, select the individuals you would like to  add the tag to their profile. User doesn't have a profile? You may add an individual by clicking the ‘+’ in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Check the box to the left of each user you would like to be included. Select “Tag People,” choose the proper tag, and save your changes. 

Public Segmented Push Notifications: Self Tagging

  • Managing segmented push messages is available under the Profile feature as well as beneath the side menu button.
  • Under the side menu, users will select the airplane icon (versions prior to 20.6.0) or the tag icon (20.6.0+).
  • With the Profile feature (21.0.0) at the very bottom of the page is a "My Interests" section to manage subscribed status.

*Note: For users to unsubscribe, they'll simply click the green check mark and the icon will be greyed out, showing they are unsubscribed. 

Scheduling the Push

  • Under the "Connect" tab and "Schedule" dropdown, begin by plugging in the message you would like to send and basic scheduling.
  • Select a tag under the "Targeted Tag" dropdown to select a group.

**Important: If you would like a push to go to your entire church family, there's no need to create a tag. Do not select a group at all as you schedule the message.

Subscription Status

Users subscribed status is indicated by a green check when they're following those messages. 

Deleting Tags

On the "Tag" page select the on you would like to delete and you'll spot an a "Delete" button.

**Note: Please make sure you're 100% certain on removing the tag before proceeding to do so. After a tag is deleted, users will be unsubscribed from those pushes and will need to subscribe again in the future if added back. 



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