Editing Video Content: YouTube & Vimeo


Your app natively supports YouTube and Vimeo content. It's easy to pull in your video content directly from YouTube or Vimeo, requiring no additional uploading through your app.


For YouTube, we're able to pull in content through a playlist. We recommend building a playlist focused on just your mobile applications.


For Vimeo, we're able to pull in all content types: video, album, channel, or user.

Adding Your Video Content to the App

To pull in your video content, first click on the App tab within your aware3 management portal. Next, hover over your Video feature (may be named 'Watch: Feed' if you're just getting started and haven't renamed this feature yet) and click the magnifying glass to configure the feature.

Next, choose the video provider (either Vimeo or YouTube), type of content (playlist for YouTube; user, channel, video, or album for Vimeo), and then paste the full URL (link) from either Vimeo or YouTube. Finally, click 'Add to app.'

  • There is no need to find the specific content ID - simply copy and paste the public link straight from YouTube or Vimeo and paste it here. For example, https://vimeo.com/channels/aware3.


After you click 'Add to app,' you will see your content previewed below. You can expand the collection to see the details of the content by clicking on the piece of content's name. In the example below, we added a Vimeo channel called 'aware3.' You can see where the channel name shows at the top, and once the channel name is clicked, the video content appears in a list with preview photos below.



Reordering & Removing Content

You can delete the video content by clicking the garbage can on the right hand side. 

You can reorder the content by hovering over each piece of content and using the hand icon to drag and drop it in the right place. 

Video Dates

By default we pull in dates the videos were uploaded to your video provider.

If you don't want to display the video upload dates, you can select 'Upload dates for all videos: Hidden.' 



Accent Colors

The same dark accent color that you selected for your calendar will be the same color that carries over to the video feature. 


Your video list is refreshed from YouTube or Vimeo in two ways:

  1. Automatic - Your videos automatically refresh, however, it's not in real-time. For performance reasons, we cache your video list from YouTube or Vimeo and refresh it twice per day. If add a new video in YouTube or Vimeo and give it ~12 hours, you should see your new video in-app.
  2. Manual - If you visit the video page (Watch feature) inside the aware3 Portal, the list will be manually refreshed. This is a good option if you have something that is time sensitive.

Check out our short video about adding your YouTube and or Vimeo videos to your app below!


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