Outbound Text: Step 2 - Tags

At this point, you have added people you would like to reach out to via text. Next will drop individuals into buckets that they fall under with interests, for more segmented messaging - helping to keep information relevant. 

Getting Started 

Creating Tags

1. Go to the  tab and select Tags from the dropdown. Click the field to the right, type the name of the tag, and hit  to save your changes.


Tying People to Tags

2. Go to  tab and choose Profiles from the menu. Boxes will appear beside each user and you'll simply check the box on the left.

3. To add them to a tag in the upper left-hand corner, click the Screen_Shot_2017-05-22_at_8.31.14_AM.png button:



4. A pop up will appear displaying all the tags you've created from step 1 and you will select those you would like them to be a part of. The label will  turn dark blue indicating the person is tagged:


**Note: Want to send a message to everyone and not segment the conversation? You can skip the tagging process for this instance.

Click here for the final step of scheduling an Outbound Text.



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