Calendar Action Steps: Invite, RSVP & Contact Us


Event success often depends on people saying they'll show up, remembering to show up, and inviting others to show up. Your Calendar feature is ready to make that happen and capture all the details in one place. 

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Help congregations save upcoming events on their device. To keep them handy and in the same place, they manage the rest of their activities.

In the aware3 portal, there are three fields where more details you can add. This is under the listing tab of the Calendar where there are a website, register link, and contact email:



Link out to information related to the event through a web hyperlink. This creates another path where people can learn more about the event.

Adding a URL to the website field will also add an "Invite" button in your Event Listing. Making it simple for church members to share with friends and family. 


Register Link/RSVP

Next time you have a special event, include the link to a form. That way your congregations can register or RSVP straight from the calendar listing. Even add payments to the registration form to accept payments to attend.  

Contact Email

Think your congregants may have questions? Include the email address to the right person to make sending an email to that individual simple.


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