Push Notifications & Text: Include Emojis 👍🏾


Why We're Fans of Emojis 

Stand out from the crowd 🌟

Grab your app user’s attention with a pop of color. Popping in emojis make messages more difficult for users to ignore and immediately draw the eye to them.

Say what you mean to say 💬

A picture says a thousand words. Short and sweet is best and the use of an emoji (or two 😉) can substitute for words or even phrases.

Keep it fun and relatable

Lighten the mood by adding an emoji and keeping the message more conversational.

Some examples for Inspiration

  • Eat 🍔 after ⛪ today. Be there or be 🔲
  • Last day to register for ⛺  today. Register in our 📱
  • Does life feel like a 🎢 sometimes? Listen to Sunday’s sermon here in the app.
  • Don’t climb a 🗻  in 👠.. This Sunday we’re talking about being equipped for life’s greatest challenges. 

Ready to get started? Click here to use an emoji cheat sheet the next time you’re scheduling a message. After choosing an emoji, you'll hit the 'Copy' button:


From there pop the image directly into the scheduling page in the Portal:




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