Outbound Text: Step 1 - Getting Started

A text message is the most direct path to reach someone and is read within a few seconds of being received, making this channel a timely, effective, and simple way to communicate.

Below are some ways to consider using text in your congregation:

  • Urgent Messages. Prayer Requests, weather cancellations, and change of plans.
  • Engagement. Encourage members to take part in devotionals, small groups, and upcoming events.
  • Reminders. Send a message for an upcoming meeting, special events, and sign-up deadlines.
  • Raise Awareness. Build excitement around upcoming events with a teaser. 

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Getting Started

Your first step will be adding individuals you would like to reach to the aware3 portal.

An admin may manually add people in two ways:

Under the  tab and select "Tags"...

  1. Import.  A list of people may be uploaded with a CSV file under the Screen_Shot_2017-06-11_at_4.43.15_PM.png button in the upper left-hand corner. 
  2. Manual Entry. ChooseScreen_Shot_2017-06-11_at_4.43.05_PM.png  in the upper left-hand corner to input individual contact details.  

Texting people is governed by law in the US. When you add profiles, be sure you have consent from your membership to send texts to them. Our Privacy Policy covers the issue in more detail.


Have an aware3 app? Profiles are also created automatically 3 ways. A profile will be created if an end user:

  1. Gives via an aware3-powered channel (e.g. app, text, web, etc.).
  2. Fills out an aware3 form.
  3. Check-in via the app.

Click here to see step 2 on getting started with Outbound Text.

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