Outbound Text: Step 1 - Getting Started

A text message is the most direct path to reach someone and is read within a few seconds of being received. Making this channel not only a timely way to communicate but effective and simple. Whether you're looking to shoot a text to your staff members to remind them about a meeting tomorrow,  or share verses with your Men's Bible study.

Below are some ways to consider using text in your congregation:

  • Urgent Messages. Prayer Requests, weather cancellations, and change of plans.
  • Engagement. Encourage members to take part in devotionals, small groups, and upcoming events.
  • Reminders. Send a message for an upcoming meeting, special events, and sign-up deadlines.
  • Raise Awareness. Build excitement around upcoming events with a teaser. 


Getting Started

Your first step will be adding individuals you would like to reach to the aware3 portal.

An admin may manually add people in two ways:

Under the  tab and select "Tags"...

  1. Import.  A list of people may be uploaded with a CSV file under the Screen_Shot_2017-06-11_at_4.43.15_PM.png button in the upper left-hand corner. 
  2. Manual Entry. Choose in the upper left-hand corner theScreen_Shot_2017-06-11_at_4.43.05_PM.png in input individual contact details.  
Have an aware3 app? Profiles are also created automatically 3 ways. The user can:
  1. Gives via an aware3-powered channel (e.g. app, text, web, etc.).
  2. Fills out an aware3 form.
  3. Check-in via the app.

Click here to see step 2 or getting started with Outbound Text.

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