App Icon 

Size: 1024x1024px

Format: PNG (no transparency)

Usage: Display on receipt pages and on any giving form.

Important: The icon should be full-bleed, with no shadows or corners applied, and not transparent. Additionally, the icon can not be changed dynamically after your app is live. 


Splash Screen


640x960px iOS 3.5″ (iPhone 4 and earlier)

1242x2208px iOS 4″ (iPhone 5 and later)

1125 x 2436px iOS Splash Screen: (iPhone X)

 iPad Portrait

2048x1536px iPad Landscape

1280x2174px Android

Format: PNG or JPEG

Usage: Application splash (boot/initial) screen

Important: The splash screens can not be changed dynamically after your app is live. 


Home Background


640x960px iOS 3.5″ (iPhone 4)

1242x2208px iOS 4″ (iPhone 5)

1125x2436px iOS Splash Screen: (iPhone X)

2048x2048px iPad - be sure to top-center your logo

640x1087px Android

Format: JPEG or PNG

Usage: Home background image

The Home background image is displayed behind the individual feature tiles. You will choose the grid height percentage in order to adjust how the tiles are displayed. Because the Home image is set behind the tiles, 40, 60, or 80% of the image will be semi-covered by features at the bottom, while the remainder of the display will be available for your header. 

This image illustrates the space you have to work with.


The iPad home screen image is used in both portrait and landscape modes and is top-centered on the device. The header area is variable; you may choose either 40, 60, 80% of the height of the screen. This height is calculated while the device is in portrait mode.

Here's an example:


 This image will render on an iPad in this fashion:


Feature Tiles 

Size: 300x300px

Format: PNG (transparency supported)

Usage: Individual feature tile images

Feature tiles are displayed on the home screen and link to the individual features of your mobile app.

Key Notes:

  • We do not need these feature tiles until step #4 of the launch process, so please do not let them hold you up in the launch process.
  • You should not include the feature name (e.g. Watch, Listen, etc.) in the graphic as that will be automatically populated for you.
  • If you do not want our default feature label below the tile, we are now able to turn that off, if you would like to include it in your graphic.  It does not change the size of the tile.


Google Play Feature Graphic

Size: 1024x500px

Format: PNG (no transparency) or JPEG

Usage: Feature image in Google Play

Google Play requires a header graphic to display within the Play Store. You can read more about the graphic here, under the Feature Graphic section.


Google Play Promo Graphic

Size: 180x120px

Format: PNG or JPEG

Usage: Promo image in Google Play

Google Play does not require this image in order to submit updates. Used for promotions on older versions of Android OS.

You can read more about the graphic here, under the Feature Graphic section.


Putting It All Together

  • App Icon: 1024x1024px PNG
  • Splash Screen iOS: 640x960px,1242x2208px, 1536x2048px, 2048x1536px PNG, 1125 x 2436px PNG
  • Splash Screen Android: 640x1087px PNG
  • Home Background iOS: 640x960px,1242x2208px, 1125 x 2436px PNG, 2048x2048px JPEG
  • Home Background Android: 640x1087px JPEG
  • Feature Tiles: 300x300px PNG
  • Google Play Feature Graphic: 1024x500px PNG or JPEG
  • Google Play Promo Graphic: 180x120px PNG or JPEG


Additional Information / Q&A

Q: Does resolution affect my images?

A: No. The PPI or DPI of an image displayed on-screen or in your app doesn't change the way it's displayed. A standard PPI to work from is 72, and will work great in-app and on-screen both

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