App Transfer (to Aware3)

To transfer your Apple application under our control, follow these steps:

  1. Log into iTunes Connect
  2. Click Manage Your Apps
    1. Click the icon of the application you'd like to transfer
  3. Click the blue Transfer App button
    1. Assuming you have met all of Apple's criteria to transfer the app, click Continue
    2. Enter as the Recipient's Team Agent Apple ID
    3. Enter 9XCET5B6WT as the Team ID
    4. Complete the transfer process

For Google Play, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Transfer your application checklist
  2. When you reach the Application Transfer Request form, fill out your name, developer information and registration information.
    1. Enter Aware3, LLC as the Developer name for your target account
    2. Enter as the Target account email address
    3. Enter 0.G.536523750535485 as the Google Wallet Transaction ID
    4. Input the app and package names in the format App Name -
    5. Complete the transfer process
  3. Locate the original key store file used to sign the production application
    1. Send the key store to along with your application name, key store password, key alias and key password
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