Add, Edit, & Delete Features: Visibility, Title, Tile Image & Order

New to aware3? Are you needing to create a button for your congregation to view a new promotional video? With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can add new features and can easily change the appearance of your features. 

Let's Get Started

To add a new feature to your app, login to and simply select the App tab at the top of your page. Then click on the green plus button on the right hand side of your screen. A list of all your available features will appear. Scroll through the list until you find the feature you are searching for. Then click on the feature you are wanting to add and select "add feature".

Adding Content to Your Feature

To add content to your new feature, or to update content in a current feature, simply hover over the feature and select the magnifying glass in the bottom left hand corner. From here you will be able to customize your content.

Editing your Feature

By editing your feature, you can change the feature image, adjust the title of your feature and even add a header image in some! To edit your feature, hover over the feature and select the pencil icon

  • Hover over the feature that you would like to edit.


Title & Tile Image

  • Select the Pencil (Screenshot_2019-01-16_16.12.49.png). 



  • To change the title, edit the title field.
  • Select to add a button image (300x300px) or (600x300 if using mosaic layout).  
  • If you are using the mosaic layout and want to have the wide tile display on your home screen, you will need to upload both a Tile image (300x300) and a Wide Tile image (600x300). Once you have uploaded both images, a circle icon will appear below each image option. You will then be able to choose which tile image will appear in app by selecting the circle under the desired tile image.



  • To save your change, click .

Note: Keep in mind, the title needs to be concise enough to fit in the label of the feature. 


Feature Visibility 

  • To disable a feature, select the eye icon (Screenshot_2019-01-16_16.05.31.png).


  • When a feature is disabled, the background will fade and the eye (Screenshot_2019-01-16_16.06.13.png) will appear beside the title. 
  • To enable again, select the eye (Screenshot_2019-01-16_16.06.13.png) again.


Tile Order

  • To reorder your features, hover over the feature. Click the arrow icon (Screenshot_2019-01-16_16.09.50.png) in the right-hand corner and drag to the desired location in your feature list.  


Removing a Feature

Need to remove a feature? No problem! As an admin you can simply remove a feature by hovering over the feature you are wanting to remove and clicking on the pencil icon. Once you have clicked on the pencil icon, there will be red delete button (Screenshot_2019-04-24_11.43.33.png) in the bottom right hand corner of the edit screen. Click on the red delete button.


Once you have clicked on the red delete button, you will be asked to confirm deletion. Click on confirm deletion to delete this feature.


Once you click confirm deletion, your feature will be deleted.  

Check out our short video below on adding, editing and deleting features!

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