Edit Feature Visibility, Title, Tile Image & Order

With just a few clicks of your mouse, changes can easily be made to the appearance of your features.

Let's Get Started

  • Go into the Features tab.



  • Hover over the feature that you would like to edit.


Title & Tile Image

  • Select the Pencil (). 



  • To change the title, edit the title field.
  • Select to add a button image (300x300px). 
  • To save your change, click .

Note: Keep in mind, the title needs to be concise enough to fit in the label of the feature. 


Feature Visibility 

  • To disable a feature, select the eye icon in the lower left (). 


  • When a feature is disabled, the background will fade and the eye () will appear beside the title. 

  • To enable again, select the eye () in the left corner. 


Tile Order

  • To reorder the feature, hover anywhere over the feature, click and drag to the desired location in your features list. 




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