Managing, Canceling, and Changing Gifts


With less people carrying cash, often the passing of the traditional offering plate results in the rush to gather whatever change has made its way to the bottom of our pockets.

With the options to give at anytime, or even schedule to give on a weekly/monthly basis, there is nothing but convenience for you and the members of your community.

Giving a One-time Gift

A one-time gift is exactly how it sounds. Whenever the donor would like to give, they input their information, and the one-time gift is processed immediately.

Shortly after the transaction, a receipt is sent to their email. The email includes the message you have customized under Giving > Receipts, as well as the specifics: Date, Church and Amount. 

Giving a Recurring Gift

With recurring gifts, the donor may select the option to give on a weekly or monthly basis.

Additionally, the recurrence can have "No End" or "Number of Times." With the No End option, a transaction will be processed every week, or every month until cancelled. Number of Times is the number of times the transaction will recur.

  • No End. "This is a weekly recurring transaction which will continue until cancelled."
  • Number of Times. "This is a monthly recurring transaction with 2 occurrences left."

When the donor processes a recurring transaction, the frequency and remaining count is noted in the emails.  


Canceling a Recurring Gift

There are three simple ways that a recurring gift can be canceled:

  • Donor, Email Receipt. When the donor creates a recurring gift, an automated email is sent confirming their transaction. Each email contains a link whereby they can click, open, and cancel their recurring transaction quickly and easily.
  • My Giving. A donor can also cancel their recurring gift by selecting the give button in app and then selecting "My Giving". After selecting "My Giving", the donor will be prompted to enter their phone number, email address and select a delivery method. Once a delivery method is selected the donor will receive a text or email with a link they can click on to manage all of their recurring gifts.

      my_giving_1.jpg          My_giving_2.jpg


  • Administrator, Management Console. Under your "Giving" feature > "Transactions" tab, locate the individual that matches the gift and click the red "x" icon under the "Frequency" column. The "x" will disappear indicating the future gifts have been cancelled. 

Changing a Recurring Gift

To make adjustments to a recurring gift, the series must first be stopped before the new recurrence is set up. See the steps above to cancel a recurring gift.

  • After the existing series has been canceled, go through the flow and set up a new recurring gift. Setting a financial passcode can also help in streamlining the process to remember basic info like name and payment details.

Changing a Saved Payment Method

  • To change the saved payment method for an existing recurring payment series, first cancel the series and then start a new series with the new payment method. To cancel the series, follow the steps above under 'Canceling a Recurring Gift.' Then, start a brand new gift series with the new desired payment method.
  • If you have a stored giving passcode that is saving your payment information every time you make a one-time gift and you want to change that stored payment method, when you get to the page where the payment method is saved, you will want to follow these instructions:
    • If your existing stored payment method is your bank account and you want to change it to a credit/debit card, uncheck the box that says 'Use bank account,' then type the card information in the card fields.
    • If your existing stored payment method is a debit/credit card and you want to change it to a bank account, check the box that says 'Use bank account,' then type the routing and account numbers.
    • If your existing stored payment method is a debit/credit card and you want to change it to a different debit/credit card, simply delete the stored numbers and re-type the new card numbers.



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