Interactive Sermon Notes: Setup

On Sunday mornings, sermon notes are passed out, providing a place to jot down thoughts and highlighting key points to take away from scripture. 

You can now take advantage of a digital version of your sermon notes - right inside your app. With Interactive Sermon Notes, users can take notes on their device and email themselves a copy to refer back to later.


Let's Get Started

Formatting in Admin Console

  • Your sermon notes are formatted with Markdown- no complicated code or HTML needed.
  • Taking user input is simple - through fields ( [text] ) or through larger text areas ( [area] ).
  • In your app, several formatting options available, include the ability to adjust the appearance of font to stand out through headings, italics, and bold text; to adding spaces for text responses from users.



  • Below is an example of markdown and inputs applied to content while editing in the admin console.  


Appearance of Published Content 

  • Here is how to same content would appear to the user live in the app. 



A Snapshot of Basic Markdowns 


Editing Sermon Notes

Saving updates to existing content. Select the note you would like to change, make changes, and select and updates will be saved. 

Deleting a Note. While in the note, click on  and the note selected will be deleted. 

Adding a Note. Already in a note and want to add another? Click  and a new note will be opened.  


Note: All sermons are listed in descending order, with the most recently-dated note displaying first. In your app, the most recent note will be available for note taking.


Wanting to Try Something More Advanced?

If you want to get a little more advanced and try additional formatting options, we recommend this Markdown Cheatsheet

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