Interactive Sermon Notes: Setup

On Sunday mornings, sermon notes are passed out, providing a place to jot down thoughts and highlighting key points to take away from the message.

You can now take advantage of a digital version of your sermon notes - right inside your app. With Interactive Sermon Notes, users can take notes on their device and email themselves a copy to refer back to later. 


Let's Get Started

To create an interactive note, simply add the Notes feature to your App tab by clicking the Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_12.51.25_PM.png button in the top right hand corner of your App tab. Once you have added the Notes feature to your app, hover over this feature and select the details icon. From here you will be able to enter your note title and select a date for your note. The note body box is where you will create your note. Once you have created your note, simply click Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_12.49.19_PM.png.


You can always edit previous notes you have created by selecting the your note from your notes list on the left side of your screen, making your changes and then selecting Update.png. You can also delete a past note by clicking on Remove_Note.png after selecting it from your notes list on the left side of your screen. If you are looking through a past note or making some changes to a past note and you are ready to start creating a brand new note, simply click Clear_Form.png to start a brand new note.


Note: All sermons are listed in descending order, with the most recently-dated note displaying first. In your app, the most recent note will be available at the top of the list for note taking.

Formatting Notes

Your sermon notes are formatted with Markdown - no complicated code. HTML and Javascript are not supported.

Taking user input is simple - through fields [text] which create a short fill-in-the blank section or through larger text areas [area] which create a larger response area.

There are several formatting options available, including the ability to adjust the appearance of font to stand out through headings, italics, and bold text, as well as adding spaces for text responses from users. Below is a screenshot of different ways to adjust the appearance of font to stand out through headings, italics, bold text, and text spaces:


Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.11.34_PM.png     sermon_notes.jpg


You can create a numbered list within your notes. Here are examples of how your numbered list will look, both on the back end and in-app.


Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.14.48_PM.png       sermon_notes_numbered_list.jpg


You are also able to create a bulleted list within your notes. It is worth noting having a bulleted list within a numbered list is not supported. Here is an example of a bulleted list:


Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_1.13.21_PM.png      sermon_notes_bulleted_list.jpg


A Snapshot of Basic Markdowns 


Basic Member Experience 

Your members will be able to follow along with your Sunday sermon and take notes no matter where they are! Once your members have finished filling out their notes, they have the option to email themselves a copy of the notes they just completed. Your members can also reference past notes they have completed by opening your notes feature and selecting ‘My Notes.’ Your members will want to enter their email address and then click ‘find’ to retrieve all of the past notes they have completed.


sermon_notes__my_notes___more_notes_.jpg  sermon_notes__my_notes_email_.jpg  sermon_notes__my_notes_.jpg



Q. I created a numbered list within my notes,1., 2., 3... etc shows as a numbered list 1., 1., 1., in app, why?

A. The numbered list markdown can be sensitive to additional spacing; eliminating the space following the numbered list should resolve this issue.

Q. Can you use additional markdown options other than what is provided to customize notes?

A. Today the notes feature only supports the markdown options provided (heading options, making text bold or italicized and adding a fill in the blank or journaling area)

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