Google Play: Developer Account Statistics Link

To systematically synchronize download statistics from Google Play with your own, separate Developer Account, follow these steps:

  1. Follow this link to open the Google Developers Console.
    1. Sign into the Console with the same account that powers your Google Play Developer Console.
    2. Click "Create Project" and title the project "Play Statistics".
    3. Click "Enable and manage APIs" on the Dashboard.
    4. Click the "Enabled APIs" tab
    5. Verify that the "Google Cloud Storage JSON API" is visible in the list of enabled APIs. If it is not enabled:
      1. Under Google Cloud APIs, click "Cloud Storage JSON API"
      2. Click "Enable"
    6. Click "Credentials" in the left navigation.
    7. Click the "New credentials" button, and select Service account key
    8. Under Service account, select "New service account".
      1. Enter "Play Statistics" under Name
      2. Enter "play-statistics" under Service account ID
      3. Leave JSON selected
      4. Copy or write down the full email address (it will be similar to "")
      5. Click "Create"
    9. Google will generate a new set of credentials and will download a file. Save this file, as you will need to forward it to Support to enable the link.
  2. Follow this link to open the Google Play Developer Console.
    1. Sign into the Console with the same account that you used in step #1.
    2. Click "Settings" in the left navigation.
    3. Click "User accounts & rights".
    4. Click "Invite new user"
    5. Paste or write in the full email address of the service account created above.
    6. Select "Finance" from the Role dropdown to allow access to reporting. No actual financial information is stored in Google Play; this is only for download information.
    7. Click "Send Invitation"
  3. Email the .json file created in step 1 to, so the team can connect the wires and enable your statistics in the console.
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