Outbound Text: Frequently Asked Questions

What will the pricing be after the beta period?

The service will be completely à la carte​ and won't increase your base plan pricing, so you only have to pay on a per-text basis at 3c per text.

When does the beta end?

The beta ends in May 2017.

Do I need to have an aware3 app to use broadcast text?

No; the service works great standalone. That said, having a paired aware3 app to work in conjunction with your mobile engagement and giving drives powerful results.

How are the totals calculated on the Schedule page?

After composing your message and optionally selecting a Tag to send the message to, the text message summary section will show you several pieces of information:

  • The total number of outbound texts included every month with your plan.
  • The count of unique telephone numbers to where your message will be delivered.
  • The approximate cost of delivery. This number is approximate because the total number of telephone numbers could be different from the time of scheduling to the time of delivery (e.g., more members are added to the system after the message is scheduled).
  • The approximate delivery completion time for the message. Sending text messages is slower than push messages; the message will flow out as quickly as possible.
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