Switching to Mosaic Layout

Looking for more customization and a whole new way to make your app beautiful? Download our aware3 Church demo app from the app store to view an example of this look and feel of Mosaic.

You're also welcome to download the Mosaic button images from aware3 Church App here and use them in the walls of your app. 

Let's Get Started

1. After navigating to the  tab, select the dropdown under the "Layout" section to the right of your features list to choose "Mosaic." Click to save your layout section.



1. Wanting the option of the header like in Renew and have your buttons fill the real estate on the home screen? First adjust the "Grid Height" to 100% and the option to add a header image will appear (800x200px PNG) by hitting the  and uploading the graphic. 

2. There's also the option to adjust the "Mosaic Header Color" to the right through the color picker:



 Standard Tile

 1. Hover over the feature you would like to edit the image for and select the edit () icon. 


2. Click  under "Tile" to upload a standard tile size (300x300px) and  to save your changes.


Wide Tile

1. If you are looking to plug in wide button image, under the edit page () begin by uploading an image for a small tile (300x300px)

2. Next, select  to pick the wide image you would like to display (600x300px) and select to "Update Feature."

3. At this point, you'll notice a circle with a check mark will appear on this page.

3. Click the circle that displays under the "Wide Tile" and save your changes.







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