Forms: Real-Time Alerts Setup

For the moments when your congregants need to reach you faster, you can now receive text and email alerts when a form is filled. 

Common uses:

  • Immediate Prayer: Send prayer requests straight to each prayer team member's phones.
  • Urgent Care: Notify the pastor of immediate needs.
  • Final Call: Don't come up short for event seats, t-shirt orders, etc. by receiving notification of last-minute registrants.


Get Started

Under the "Forms" tab, click the edit button for the form that you want to kick off text/email alerts. Add the email address or phone number that you want to receive the notification. 



Want multiple people to be notified? Hit the "+" button in the upper-right corner to add another contact.





Remove a notification at any time by selecting the "trash can" beside the email or phone number.




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