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If you’re an existing aware3 church partner, you have the option of becoming part of the churchOn Community or to maintain your separate app. churchOn is available now in both the App Store and Google Play. Download the churchOn app and type “aware3 Church” to see how we can help you communicate and engage with your church members anytime, anywhere. There are two churchOn options: the churchOn app, and the branded churchOn app. Read on for more information. 


churchOn App

Your branded app content lives inside the churchOn App. Users download the churchOn app and search for your church within the app. There’s no additional cost or management of developer accounts; we handle that for you. The ‘churchOn’ logo will be the app icon.





Branded churchOn App 

Users download the churchOn app, however, once they select your church, the app icon changes to your custom icon (note - the ‘churchOn’ name will remain below the app icon). This option is $29/month and only works on iOS (Android does not support this functionality yet).




Why churchOn? 

The advantage of churchOn is that the launch process is faster and updates happen more on a weekly basis The app is not required to go through the Apple and Google approval process.


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