Planning Center and aware3 Integration


Planning Center and aware3 Integration

When it comes to Planning Center Online, aware3 is connected in four key areas to save you time and build ongoing engagement: Events, Registration, Profiles, and Giving.

Events and Registration
Events and Registration information can be pulled from PCO without setting up the full integration. 

We'll automatically keep your public-facing calendar in sync with your mobile app. All we’re looking for is your iCal feed. Learn more about how to find your iCal link in Planning Center here.

We can point to any registration form inside your app. If you’re running forms, please let us know (email, and we’ll add in the appropriate feature where the links to forms may be popped in.

Profiles and Giving

To pull in Profiles and Giving information from PCO, you'll want to set up full integration. Specific steps to take will depend on whether you're an existing aware3 customer or a new customer. See Getting Started (...) below for more information. 

Running People? As people complete their profile info in-app, we'll automatically write it over (including their profile pic).

When a church member gives (with our processor PaymentSpring), the gift will write to both People and Giving.

Getting Started with PCO Integration for Profiles and Giving  

I'm a New aware3 Customer:
To get started on making the connection, reach out to and let us know that you're running Planning Center and would like us to set up integration. Once we give you the go-ahead, log in to your aware3 portal, go to Setup > Planning Center, and follow the prompts. 

I'm an Existing aware3 Customer:
- If you are already running donations through our payment processor PaymentSpring, reach out to and let us know that you're running Planning Center and would like to set up integration.

-If you are not currently running donations through our payment processor PaymentSpring, reach out to and we'll send you the PaymentSpring merchant application. Since we write back donations with our processor, PaymentSpring, not your PlanningCenter give page, you'll need to complete the PaymentSpring merchant account application and use PaymentSpring for your app giving. You can continue running PlanningCenter for your web giving, and run PaymentSpring in parallel for your app giving if you want. 


Next, add aware3 (aware3 System; as an Administrator for your Planning Center Giving, which will allow us to set up the PCO integration with your app. 

Your church’s Planning Center Organization Administrator who subscribed to PCO Giving should add aware3 as an Administrator in Planning Center Giving. Other Organization Administrators will not be able to do this.

First, log in to your Planning Center account. Navigate to the Giving section, select People, then select Administrators. Click the green Add Administrator button.



Type ‘aware3 System' in the search bar, then click ‘Create a new person: aware3 System.’ 


Send us a note at after this step is complete, and we'll finish making the connection! 


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