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UMCgo Info Pages

Use Info Pages for About Us, Announcements, Bulletin, and more! 

Info pages are blank slates dedicated to sharing your content. Add these features by clicking the App tab, then clicking the green + in the upper right hand corner.

Formatting and Getting Started 



Whether you are posting announcements, FAQs, or Scripture to chew on, use an Info Page for your church members to peruse.

Top Five Ways You Can Use Info Pages 

  1. Want newcomers to know more about your church? Purpose this feature as About Us to include background on your church and mission.
  2. Have some news to share? Cut down some emails. Congregants can view a News feature to stay in-tune with what is happening at your church.
  3. Some folks still don't understand what a missional community is? Create an About MCs page to talk about how you do small groups.
  4. Hoping someone is reading your devotional series? Include a read-only version of your devotional verses inside your mobile app.
  5. Trying to build ongoing communication from the pastor? Create a Pastor’s Corner button to share your heart for your people and vision for your church.


Let's Get Started


Basic Text Formatting & Adding Links

To apply a text element, highlight the text you would like to format (e.g paragraph alignment, Italics, hyperlink etc) and pick the formatting option from the toolbar.



Choose the normal button in the toolbar and from the drop-down to add a heading style. 



To tie a hyperlink to text, you can choose a URL to point to. 




Including Graphics

Select the image button to choose an image to upload for visual interest.



The text editor can also help break up text that makes up a quote through the use of blockquotes.



Adding Lists

You can add numbered and bulleted lists as well. 




Removing Formatting

Needing to revert changes with formatting? This can be done in the editor through the "clear formatting" button located in the upper right. 




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