UMCgo Plus - People Profiles

People Profiles are a powerful tool to personalize the app user experience, manage communication channels, and to gather valuable user data. 

  • Profiles keep features "smart" including Forms and Giving (through PaymentSpring). When an app user has created a profile, their contact details (name, phone, email, etc.) automatically populate in these features. The app experience is faster and personalized.
  • Profiles capture valuable contact details. You can view these details in the aware3 portal under the "Profile" and "People" tab.



See some Frequently Asked Questions about People Profiles:


What if an app user has multiple mobile/tablet devices?

Profiles are verified with an email address and phone number combination. If the app user enters the same data on each device, the profiles will sync on those devices and inside the aware3 portal.

What does it mean to verify a profile?

Once an app user has entered their profile information, a text message verification link is sent. The app user must click the verification link to verify their profile. 


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