Transactions Page Summary

Understanding the Transactions Page


This article defines the column headers found on the Transactions page and in the Transactions export. While not all columns are on the Transactions page itself, you will see all of the columns when you export the full list.

  • ID: aware3 gift ID, record of the gift inside of aware3 

  • Created: transaction execution date/time

  • Source: where the gift originated (from the app, web giving link, text-to-give, or form)

  • Pledge Series: whether the gift came from a pledge

  • Approved: whether or not this transaction was approved initially

  • Campaign: name of aware3 campaign, if the gift was part of a campaign

  • Campus: name of campus if aware3 campus; ID number of campus if non-aware3 campus (i.e. CCB campus)

  • Fund: fund name if aware3 fund; other fund ID if not aware3 fund (i.e. CCB or PCO)

  • User ID: person's system ID, whether aware3 or other system (i.e. CCB or PCO) 

  • Gift ID: CCB gift ID; will be blank if not running CCB

  • Person Custom ID: optional custom ID field from People > Profiles

  • First Name, Last Name, Email, Street, City, State, Postal Code, & Country: donor's personal information entered during the gift process

  • Amount: gift amount; includes transaction fees if donor has covered them

  • Transaction ID: processing ID for processor

  • Transaction Type: Credit or ACH

  • Batch ID: aware3-assigned batch ID

  • Settlement Date: date that funds are submitted for deposit to the bank

  • Frequency: if gift is recurring, how often gift is set to occur - 

    • 1 DAY - daily
    • 7 DAY - weekly
    • 1 MONTH - monthly
    • 1 YEAR - yearly


  • Fees Covered: whether transaction fees were covered by the donor
  • Note: optional note that donor can include when they give
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