Manual Entry - Cash & Check Payments

Adding a Cash or Check Payment

Receive a donation outside of your aware3 giving platform? You have the ability to manually enter these donations and keep track of all your donations all in one place. 

(*Note: manual cash and check entry is not available through aware3 if you are using Planning Center Online Giving or Church Community Builder Giving. You should manually enter any cash or check payments directly in either PCO or CCB.)

Getting Started

  1. First, log in to your management hub at
  2. Next, navigate to Giving and select the Transactions dropdown.
  3. Select Add Transactions.



  4. What type of transaction are you recording?
    • Select Check or Cash.
  5. How much was this transaction?
    • Enter the amount of the donation.
  6. When did this transaction happen?
    • Enter the date that the donation was received.
    • Can be future-dated. (If future-dated, it will appear at the top of the transactions list until that date passes.)
  7. Comments or notes about this transaction.
    • These are internal notes and will appear on the Transactions page when you hover over the note symbol as seen below.

  8. Who made this transaction?
    • Use the search bar to search for an existing profile for the donor. If the donor does not yet have a profile, you will need to add their profile first. You can add a profile by clicking 'Create Profile.' A profile is required before a manual donation can be entered for that particular donor. After adding a profile for the donor, navigate back to the Transactions page and you will see the new profile in the search bar.
  9. Is this transaction for a fund or an appeal?
    • Select either Fund or Appeal, then use the search bar to search for the fund or appeal. 
  10. Press 'enter' to automatically submit the form or click 'Create Transaction.'

Transactions Display

The newly added transaction will display on the Transactions page.


  • The transaction's 'Source' will be listed as 'Portal' because it was added by the admin manually and originated from the management portal.
  • The transaction's 'Type' will display as either 'Cash' or 'Check.'
  • You will also see the donation under the donor's profile activity. You can see this by going to People > Profiles, hovering over the donor's profile, clicking the magnifying glass, and clicking on the Activity tab.



Receipt for Cash or Check Transaction

A receipt can be sent to the donor by clicking the envelope icon on the lefthand side of the transaction details under the Transactions page. 


Deleting a Cash or Check Transaction

You can delete a cash or check entry by clicking the delete icon (Screen_Shot_2019-02-20_at_4.43.09_PM.png) on the right hand side of the Transactions list under Giving > Transactions. 

The delete button will only be available for cash and check entries. If you need to issue a refund for a credit/debit or ACH payment, please reach out to PaymentSpring Client Services at or aware3 Support at


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