Your aware3 Dashboard

Your aware3 dashboard provides a high level overview of what is going on within your app. Need to know when your next scheduled update is? Are you curious which features are getting the most traction in your app or how many times your app has been downloaded? Your dashboard can give you insight to all of this and more!

Getting Started:

Your app will undergo a scheduled update once every six months to get your app up-to-date and running on the newest version. You can quickly check when your next scheduled update is on your dashboard!update.pngWays to Download Your App:

Are you getting ready to launch your brand new app to your congregation or just completed a rebranding and are wanting to easily share how to download your organization’s app? Your dashboard makes downloading your app easy. Your dashboard is home to your shortlink and QR code. The shortlink can be shared on your social media platforms or embedded on your organization's website. Your shortlink is unique in that when an individual clicks on this link, it will recognize the device being used (iOS or Android) and will direct the individual to the appropriate app store to download your app.

The QR code on your dashboard operates very similarly to your shortlink. If an individual has a QR code scanner on their device, they can simply scan your QR code and they will be directed to the appropriate app store to download your app. You can print this QR code on bulletins or any other print materials that you distribute! 



*Helpful hint: Use text to increase downloads. If you have a text number with aware3, individuals can text the word ‘app’ to your text number to download your app directly from the stores.


Downloads, Sessions and More!

On your dashboard, you are able to see the number of times your app has been downloaded. You can also see the number of sessions have occurred. Sessions are the number of times your app has been opened. The overall Total Giving amount is also visible on your dashboard. Your dashboard gives insight to the number of responses you’ve acquired from the interactive notes feature. You are also able to see a running total of the most recent responses to your interactive notes. Wondering how many people have created a profile? The number above “people” is the number of profiles that have been created. 

Learn more about Admin Profiles here!


Feature Usage Graph:

The feature usage graph is a breakdown of the feature usage across your mobile platforms. The percentage in the feature chart on your dashboard is a running 30-day view of your feature usage, and is registered when someone in a session selects a feature in-app.




Sessions and Downloads graph:

Your sessions and downloads graph provides a breakdown of downloads across Apple and Android devices. You can also adjust the graph to reflect downloads and sessions daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


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