Blog (RSS Feed)

With the Blog feature, help your members stay up-to-date on what’s happening. They will see a snapshot of each post to follow along and even share content. Blogs are great for Pastor blogs, daily devotions, and announcements. Once your RSS feed is pulled in to your app, every new blog entry you create will automatically update in app!

Getting Started:

To pull your blog into your app, simply find your blog’s RSS feed and copy it to your clipboard. Once you have copied your RSS feed to your clipboard, open your blog feature in the aware3 portal and select the “Setup” button. From here you will be able to paste your RSS feed into the url field box and click update.


Customizing the look of your Blog in App:

You can customize  how your blog displays in your app by selecting the feed style. There are two different feed styles you can select, visual or classic.

The visual feed style provides an easy to read quick reference to each blog entry that is posted.


The classic feed style displays an image from within your blog entries as an overview for each blog post.



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