Volunteer Registration and Communication Management

Volunteering in your community is one of many ways to reach your community where they are and support your community’s needs.

Volunteer organization and management can be a big undertaking. The good news is you have the tools to make volunteer registration and communication easy! There are several different ways to manage your volunteer registrations through form submission limits, duplicating forms, collecting a payment through a form, and so much more.

Ways to Manage

Form Submissions:

Form submissions let you manage how many forms can be completed. This is a great setting to use when you have a volunteer event where only a certain number of volunteers can participate. Under the settings option in your form, you will see a submission box.

Here is where you can enter how many form submissions can be accepted:


Once your form submission number has been reached, when individuals access this form they will receive a message stating that the form has reached the max number of submissions:




Duplicating Forms:

Duplicating a form lets you as an admin make a copy of an existing form instead of having to start from scratch. You are able to edit the name of the form you copied as well as any of the fields within that copied form. You are able to use your existing forms as templates!

To duplicate a form, go to your Forms tab, then hover over the form you want to make a copy of and select the duplicate icon (Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_2.21.49_PM.png) on the right hand side of your screen:




Tagging A Profile and Communication:

Tagging a profile through a form sets the stage for you to take communication with your volunteer group a step further. With tags, you are able to make sure the right group of people are getting the right information by sending push or text messages to a specific tag.

Tags are also how you create chat groups. If a tag you used in a form is chat-enabled, people who are part of that tag will be able to chat with the group in real time. Chatting allows you to provide instant updates to your group, as well as ask around for extra supplies that are needed at your upcoming volunteer event.

To tag a profile within a form, simply add the profile section to your form. Once you have added the profile section, click on the ‘Link Tag’ option to view a full list of all the tags you have created. Select the tag(s) you would like to tag profiles with when this form is submitted, and click 'done.'

Now, when an individual completes this form, their profile will be tagged with the associated tag(s).




Exporting Form Responses:

Exporting your form responses lets you see an overview of all of your form responses in an Excel file. This is a great feature to use to see all of the details of the form responses in one place.

To export your form responses, simply hover over the form and select the export button on the far right hand side of your screen (Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_2.26.54_PM.png).

Collecting A Payment:

You can also collect a payment through a form for things like buying an optional sack lunch during a volunteering event, buying an event t-shirt, or other materials or donations for the event.


To add a payment section to your form, simply select the payment option on the left hand side of your screen under the interactive elements option. Select the campus, fund and default payment method.

Next, enter the item name individuals are paying for under item name and enter the price for this item in the price column.

  • The maximum box lets you put a limit to the number of items that can be purchased within a form.
  • The minimum box determines if a payment is optional or required.
  • To make a payment optional enter a zero in the minimum box.
  • To make a payment optional enter a “1” in the minimum box.



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