Your Giving Experience

Giving through your organization’s app or their web giving link is quick and easy. The donation process in the app and through your organization's web giving link are also very similar! We will walk you through the giving flow below.

Gift Details:

When you select ‘Give,’ either on your website or in-app, you will be prompted to enter your gift details: donation amount, the campus to which this donation is being made to (if your organization has multiple campuses), and the fund to which your donation is being made. You will also be able to view fund descriptions to learn more about each fund.

Once the fund has been selected, the next step is to choose if you want to make a one-time donation or create a recurring donation. If you want your donation to be a one-time gift, select “Next” at the bottom of your screen to move to the next step in the donation process. If you want to create a recurring donation, check the box next to “make this gift recurring” and select the frequency, total number of occurrences and the start date and select next.

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Personal Details:

The next step within the donation process is the personal details page where you will enter your basic contact information. If you have given previously and created a giving passcode, once you enter your phone number, you will be prompted to enter the giving passcode you created. If you have forgotten your giving passcode, simply select the reset option to reset your giving passcode. If this is your first time donating, enter your phone number, email address, first name, last name, street address and zip code and then select next.


Payment Details:

You are now on the payment details page. Here, you will be able to enter your credit or debit card information, or enter your routing and account number by checking the box “use bank account.” You may see an option to cover the processing fees. If you would like to cover the processing fees for your donation, check the box “cover our processing fees” and the processing fees will be added on top of your donation amount. 

For example, if you made a $10.00 donation using a credit or debit card, the processing fee is 3% of your donation $0.31. Your donation total (if covering the processing fee) would be  $10.31 ($10.00 + $0.31 fee). If you wanted to use your routing and account number to process this donation and still wanted to cover the processing fees, the ACH processing fee would be 1% of your donation. For your $10.00 donation, the processing fee would be $0.11, making your donation total $10.11($10.00 + $0.11 fee). 

You can also attach a note to your donation on the “include a note with your gift” section. Once you have entered your note, you will see a quick overview of your donation, including the amount, the processing fees if you chose to cover them, the fund, and when your donation will be processed.

If everything looks correct, click the Give button. If you need to make an adjustment to your gift details or personal details, you can always click the back button in the top left hand side of your screen to go back to the previous page.




Once you have processed your donation, you will see a thank you for your donation message. You will also receive an email receipt for your recent donation. 




If this is your first donation, you will be prompted to create a giving passcode. A giving passcode will help make your next donation quicker and easier. Creating a giving passcode is not required. If you do not want to create a giving passcode simply dismiss the prompt to create one. You can learn more about creating and managing your giving passcode here.



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