Giving FAQs with Aware3 & Planning Center Online

When it comes to Planning Center Online (PCO), aware3 is connected in four key areas to save you time and build ongoing engagement: Events, Registration, Profiles, and Giving.

To read more about the integration and how to set it up, check out this article.


Below are some frequently asked questions about aware3 giving and the connection to PCO.

How are batches written over to Planning Center Online?

  • As gifts are written into PCO, they go into the Aware3: Pending "batch." PCO requires that all gifts be written to a batch, so while the transactions are pending, they're written to the "pending batch."
  • When the gifts settle, they're moved into a settled batch to match the actual batch number.
  • This means that batches should not be manually committed; the system should be the only committer.
  • We recommend waiting three business days after the batch is initially written over to Planning Center to reconcile within Planning Center.

What happens to existing recurring gifts if I switch from Church Community Builder to Planning Center Online?

  • When the connection to Planning Center Online is made, aware3 will select your default fund within Planning Center Online to route all existing recurring gifts to.
  • This switch only applies to existing recurring gifts that were initially pushing into CCB. Any new recurring gift set up on PCO's funds will route to the correct fund.
  • The alternative is to ask those members to stop their gift and reset them, pointing to a PCO fund.

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