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We've compiled a list of the top five most commonly discussed topics among Chat users. Whether you're already using Chat or looking into adding the feature, check out the list below to see how others have successfully struck up conversations through this two-way communication tool to continue building relationships.

1. Mid-Week Engagement

The conversation doesn't have to stop once the lesson wraps up; you now have another channel to continue covering key takeaways outside of the time you meet - helping to create a stronger sense of community.

2. Spiritual Growth

Send words of encouragement to serve as a friendly reminder to help one another in their walk of faith. Words of wisdom will spark conversation and community with your members.

3. Questions

The ability to send in questions surrounding the sermon, church, an event or ministry allows for greater understanding of your mission.

4. Scripture Encouragement

Create an opportunity to share bible verses, keeping the Bible at the forefront of your members' minds throughout the week.

5. Events & Reminders

Allow two-way communication among specific groups to help make projects and planning a breeze. Conversations as simple as what snacks everyone will be bringing to cell group to a reminder that meeting times have been moved to another day - helping with increasing attendance, participation, and overall interest into your events and ministries.

Chat-Enabled Tag Interests to consider...

  • Internal Communication: Staff, Group Leaders, Serving Teams, and Volunteers.
  • Small Groups: Bible Studies and Church Ministries.
  • General: All Church, House Churches, Parents. 

These are just a few of the ways we've seen our partners use Chat in their ministry. Take a moment and think about how you can fully integrate this feature into your ministry to help make an impact.

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