Getting Started with Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful way to reach your community with timely, relevant messages. Push notifications have higher engagement rates than emails, which makes them a popular way to communicate with people who have downloaded your app.

Push vs Text: The Difference

How are push messages different than text messages? Push messages are sent to anyone who has downloaded your app and who has opted into push notifications, while text messages can be sent to anyone whose phone number you have.

Ways to Use Push Notifications

  1. Broadcast Push Messages. Send a message to everyone who downloaded your app who has opted into app notifications. Great for all-church reminders and updates!
  2. Tag-targeted messages. For example, send a message about volunteer opportunities to people who have expressed an interest in volunteering and who have opted to receive communications about volunteering.
  3. Content-targeted messages. For example, schedule a message that opens up to your live stream video inside of your app. No need for people to search through the app to find the content - you can link straight to it with the push message!
  4. Geo-targeted messages. For example, engage with people on Sunday mornings by sending an encouraging, welcoming message when they walk onto your church property.

Getting Started with Broadcast Push Messages

Broadcast push messages will go to everyone who has downloaded your app (as long as they have opted to receive app notifications), regardless of whether they are part of a tag. 

  • Under the 'Connect' tab and 'Schedule' dropdown, plug in the message you would like to send. Fill out the date and delivery time for the message.
  • Under "Who gets this message?" select "Everyone."
  • Toggle 'ON' the App Push button and then click 'Schedule Message.'

Managing Push Messages

  • After a message has been scheduled, you can view it under Connect > Activity. 
  • Change your mind and want to cancel the message before the scheduled delivery date and time? Simply click the garbage can next to the message. 
  • The key on the Activity page will show what type of message it was, and whether it's processing (hasn't been sent yet), or delivered.


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Push messages are powerful. How will you leverage them to elevate your communication strategy today? Send us a note at - we're here to help you make the most of push messages!

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