After Apple Developer Enrollment

There are two steps to take after Apple Developer Enrollment. Be sure to complete both Step 1 (adding aware3 to your Apple Dev Account) and Step 2 (adding aware3 to your App Store Connect Account)! 


Step 1: Invite aware3 to Join Your Apple Developer Account

1) Log in here using your Apple ID and password.

2) Select 'People’ > ‘Invite People’ to invite to join your Developer Account.


3) Under ‘Invite as Admins,’ input the email and an email will be received by our team to accept.


Almost done! One more step to complete below. 


Step 2: Invite aware3 to Join Your App Store Connect Account

1) Log in to your App Store Connect Account here.

2) Click Users and Access > People

3) Click the (+) button next to users


4) Enter for the email address, and Joe Terry for the name and select ‘Next.’


5) Under ‘Role’ check the ‘Admin’ box so all roles are selected > click ‘Next’ > User Roles > Next > Admin Role



6) Click Save

 After you complete these steps, drop us a note at to make sure our team has received everything we need! 


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