After Apple Developer Enrollment

There are two steps to take after Apple Developer Enrollment. Be sure to complete both Step 1 (adding aware3 to your Apple Dev Account) and Step 2 (adding aware3 to your iTunes Connect Account)! 


Step 1: Invite aware3 to Join Your Apple Developer Account

1) Log in here using your Apple ID and password.

2) Select 'People’ > ‘Invite People’ to invite [email protected] to join your Developer Account.


3) Under ‘Invite as Admins,’ input the email [email protected] and an email will be received by our team to accept.


Almost done! One more step to complete below. 


Step 2: Invite aware3 to Join Your iTunes Connect Account

1) Log in to your iTunes Connect Account here.

2) Click Users and Roles > iTunes Connect Users

3) Click the (+) button next to users


4) Enter [email protected] for the email address, and Joe Terry for the name and select ‘Next.’


5) Under ‘Role’ check the ‘Admin’ box so all roles are selected > click ‘Next’ > User Roles > Next > Admin Role


 6) Set the Notifications settings as follows:


 7) Click Save


After you complete these steps, drop us a note at [email protected] to make sure our team has received everything we need! 


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