Managing Funds

Managing Funds

Funds are available for donors to select when they are giving. You can run reports on your Transactions page to see lists of donations by each fund.

You can create a fund for anything, but some examples of different funds you might create are:

  • General Fund
  • Building Fund
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Missions Fund

Creating a Fund

To create a fund, go to Setup > Funds within the aware3 admin portal.


Type the name of your fund in the box and click Create Fund.


Fund Description

A fund description is optional, but can provide a way to give some more context about the fund. There is a 140 character limit for fund descriptions, so keep it short and sweet! The fund description will display along with the fund when a donor goes through the process of giving online or through your mobile app.


Saving Changes

To save the changes you have made to a fund description, hover over the fund name, and click on the green checkmark towards the left-hand side, as seen below.


Deleting a Fund

To delete a fund, hover over the fund name, and click on the trash can icon towards the left-hand side. You will be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete the fund. 


Reordering a Fund

To change the order that a fund displays on your giving page, hover over the fund, then click on the arrow icon on the very left-hand side. Simply drag and drop the fund in its new order. 


Multi-Campus Funds

If you have more than one campus, you have the option to enable a particular fund for a single campus, or for any number of your campuses. Enable a fund for a campus or campuses by checking the box under each campus.

Fund enabled for a single campus:


Fund enabled for multiple campuses:


Custom ID

Custom ID is for ParishSOFT reporting. See more about ParishSOFT reporting here.

Check out our short video below on how-to create and manage your funds!

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