Calendar: Accent Colors & Headers


Within the overview and details page of the calendar (version 22.8.0+), there's now the option to upload a custom header image as well as Accent Colors.

Let's Get Started

1. Switch the Calendar Style

To add headers and accent colors, the first step will be selecting the "Event Listing" feed style from the drop-down under the edit > listing tab of the Calendar feature:


2. Upload Header Images

Hover over the Calendar feature > click on the edit icon

  • Portrait. Standard image (640x400px PNG or JPEG).
  • Landscape. For when your device is in landscape, a wide graphic may also be uploaded (1136x200px PNG or JPEG).

3. Accent Colors

To extend your branding, there is now the introduction of light and dark color. 

This customization is available under the App page > Layout section and selecting from the color picker.

  • Light Accent Color. A backdrop that'll appear behind dark font.
  • Dark Accent Color. Color choice for when the font is light. 



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