Live Polling: Setup and Use Cases

Maybe you want your congregants to reflect on a question prior to a Sunday message. Or you need to decide which outreach opportunity to pursue next. Use Live Polling via your app to build engagement and gather congregant feedback. 

 Polling Properties

To get started, you'll select the "Connect" tab and "Polls" from the drop-down menu. Add a new poll by clicking the  in the upper right-hand corner. 

  • Title
    • Congregants will identify content by the title at the top as they browse your numerous polls.
  • Question
    • This section is for the copy of questions you would like to pose and have users respond to.
  • Poll Dates
    • Start Date. Select a date for the poll to officially go live/viewable for users.
    • Optional End Date. If there's a particular time for the poll to wrap up, you're also able to set an end time and the poll will no longer be visible to end users.
  • Poll Answers
    • Give your congregants options to choose from. They can only select one response.

Here is a quick admin view of creating a Live Poll within your aware3 portal.



Looking for inspiration? 

Leverage Live Polling on questions surrounding:

Spiritual Growth

Gain insight into where your congregants' are in their journey.

  • Have you ever invited someone to church with you?
  • How many times per week do you read the Bible?
  • On a regular basis, do you practice a quiet time?
  • Where would you prefer to get the church announcements?


  • Where would you prefer to get the church announcements?
  • How do you like the app?
  • What was your favorite worship song this morning?
  • Which sermon series had the most impact on your in 2019

Pop Quizzes

Ask a question based on the passage/message for the week.Taking Before/After polls to gauge the impact your teachings, small groups, and initiatives are having.

  • Which is NOT part of the armor of God in Ephesians 6?
  • What did Pilate write on Jesus's cross?

Events & Church Decisions

  • What did Pilate write on Jesus's cross?
  • What night of the week would work best for you to be able to attend a life group?
  • Will you be attending next Sunday's Crossing Over Class at 5:00pm?
  • We'll be adding another service time. What time would work best for your family?

 Your Member's Experience

Live Polling lets your members submit their answers to your Live Poll 100% anonymously. Once they have submitted their answer(s), your members will be able to view the percentage of other members who voted the same way they did. We have attached a few screenshots below of what your members experience will look like in app when participating in Live Polls!

Live_poll_ex_2.jpg     Live_poll_voting_experience.jpg



Q. How quickly do polls refresh?

A. Polls automatically refresh every 30 seconds. Want an update even closer to real-time? Select the refresh button underneath the poll results (). 

Q. How do admins view poll results?

A. After adding a poll, you may select the "View Results" link to see how users voted as well as the total number of users that participated.

Q. What channels may users go to complete a poll?

A. Today, they'll do so within the walls of your app under the "Live Poll" feature.

Q. How do I publish a poll?

A. Live Polling should be a feature under your App tab if you have this feature added to your account. If you don't see this feature under your App tab in the management portal, reach out to our support team so we can get it added for you! 

As soon as the Live Poll feature is toggled 'on' under the App tab, members can find any active poll within their live poll feature inside the app. No need to add anything - they go live automatically based on the start date/time, if applicable.

Want to get started? Reach out to for more details.


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