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Calendars Built for You

Calendaring is one of the biggest ways for organizations to keep people informed about what’s happening in their community. Use the power of Calendars and Events to streamline your workflow and keep your community in-the-know! 

You have the ability to create your own calendar - all within the aware3 platform. You can also make certain calendars exclusively available to segmented groups by linking tags*, adding registration links, and including all your event details (including a photo!). 

*tagged calendars available with version 29.2.0 and later.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. First, navigate to the Events tab at the top of your aware3 portal.

Click “Create Calendar” to add or link your first calendar. You can create a calendar from scratch, or pull in existing calendars from other sources (ex: Google, Outlook, etc) with an .ICS or iCal feed.


Creating a New Calendar

To create a new calendar choose “New Calendar”.


Add a title for the calendar and select whether it’s public or linked. Public means it will be available to everyone. Linked means you can have this calendar available for a certain segmented group.*


When linking a calendar, click inside the gray box under aware3 tags or the “Link Tags” button and your list of tags that you’ve created will come up. A pop-up will appear. Check all the tags that you would like to link to this calendar and click “Done."*


Helpful tip: Tags allow you to segment groups of people, content, interests, and now calendars. (Read more about sending tag-targeted push messages here!) To add a new tag go to “People” and “Tags” in the drop down.

*tagged calendars available with version 29.2.0 and later.

The last step in creating your calendar is to select a calendar visual identification color. Then click “Create Calendar”.


Adding an Existing Calendar

If you’d like to use an existing calendar using an iCal or .ICS feed, click "Create Calendar" from the main Events page, then click the the “Use Existing” button instead. This will allow you to add a feed link.


Title this calendar, add the calendar type & color, then finish by clicking “Create Calendar”. Keep in mind with an existing Calendar you are unable to edit an event in the portal and will want to edit it within the Calendar provider.


Editing & Deleting Your Calendar

To edit a calendar once it’s created, click the pencil icon next to the Calendar name on the main Events page.


Within the Edit Calendar panel, you can change any details: Title, Calendar Type, Aware3 Tags & Calendar Color. This is also where you will delete a calendar.


Creating an Event

Once you’ve created a calendar it’s time to create an event. Click “create event” at the top left to get started.



Add an image by clicking the plus sign in the circle by “Event Name”. A pop-up will appear allowing you to select an image and a crop. If you need to edit it, just hover over the image and click the pencil.


Next, fill out the event details.

  • Add an event name and description (description is optional, but it's great to give more details!).
  • Select the calendar you want this event to be part of by selecting from the Calendar drop down.
  • If it's an all day event, toggle on “All Day Event” then select your start and end date.
  • If it's not an all day event, select your date and start and end times.
  • If it's a recurring event, select a recurrence from the drop down (optional).
  • Add your Location (physical address), Location Details (any additional details like room #, etc.).
  • Add a registration link (optional). Add an aware3 form or other link. To create an aware3 form, navigate to the tab at the top of the page for “Forms”. Then copy the link and paste it into the event!

Now, click “Create Event”. The event will live on your main page that includes all of your events from all of your calendars.


Editing an Event

To edit an event once it’s created, find the event in the All Events List and hover over the event. An edit and delete icon will appear. To edit, click the “edit icon” and change any details you would like.


Deleting an Event: You can also delete an event from this view. You can quickly delete an event from the main page by clicking the “delete icon” on the event listing.


Searching for an Event or Calendar

Looking for a specific event and can’t find it? Use the “Search All Events”.


As soon as you start typing a search term the list will start to filter in real time.


You can also search all your calendars. Type in the “Search your calendars” bar under Calendars on the left panel.



Want to see only a certain calendar in the All Events List? Filter a calendar as visible or invisible in the list by clicking the calendar name on the left side of the page. It will show a grayed out state and remove events from the main event listing when filtered off. (This is just a filter tool, so these events will still appear inside of your app if the calendar is added to the App Feature.)


Adding Calendars to your App

Calendar/Events in-app will appear as it always has. To add a calendar to your app, navigate to the “App” tab within your aware3 portal. Click the magnify glass on the Event Feature. You are now in the Calendar Setup.


Click “Select Calendars” and a window will appear. This list will include all of your calendars that you've managed under the Events tab, whether you've created them within aware3, or linked an external calendar. 


Select all the calendars you’d like to appear in-app and click "Done." Events for all of the calendars listed will appear inside the app. If you need to remove a calendar from the app after you’ve added it, click the 'x' next to the calendar listing.

Select which calendar style you would like from the right panel toggle. 


There are so many ways to leverage Calendars and Events to keep your members engaged, connected, and informed. Has your church realized its calendaring potential? Reach out to our team at if you have any questions about this feature. Happy Calendaring! 

*tagged calendars available with version 29.2.0 and later. Please check your aware3 dashboard for the date of your next scheduled update or reach out to if you have questions.

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