Outbound Text Use Cases

Did you know text messages are usually opened and read in under 90 seconds?

As you get started with Outbound Text, we've gathered the top ways we have seen this feature used by church partners to help you get the most out of texting. 

Use Cases

Quick Reminders. Consider sending a text a day or two before an event to see a better turnout.

  • Meetings
  • Staff Communications
  • Upcoming Events
  • Sign-Up Deadlines

Last-Minute/Urgent Updates. Send a notification for unexpected delays, cancellations, and emergencies.

  • Church delays/closures
  • Event Changes
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Urgent Prayer Requests

Ongoing Engagement. Encourage members to dive in deeper to your church and their faith. 

  • Guided Prayer Reminders
  • Bible Verses and Devotional Series
  • Small Group Encouragement
  • Volunteer Opportunites


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