Text-to-Give: Getting Started

With strategic planning, the implementation of a Text-to-Give system can help transform how a congregation thinks about and pursues generosity. If you can improve upon the giving experience — you just might get more donations. Read on to learn more about the basics of giving via text and top ways to tie the experience into your service and throughout the week.  

Starting a Gift

Using Text-to-Give, your church will have a designated local phone number that people can text and give right on their phone. It works like this:

  1. Text “Give $100” or any other amount to your designated phone number.
  2. Follow the prompts in the text message.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN, or if this is your first time, register your credit/debit card or bank account.
  4. After confirming the amount, a text receipt will be sent via a link as well as via email. In addition, if you have the an app as well, a link to download your app will be included so donors can easily download the app.
  5. Make sure to save the phone number in your contacts as “Church Giving” so you can easily use it again.


Editing your Text-to-Give Payment Method

After setting up an initial text gift, donors won't have to re-enter any payment info when making subsequent text gifts. However, if donors want to change their saved payment method, they will want to take the following steps:

1. Text 'Update' to the church's dedicated text number.

2. Click the link when prompted to update info.

3. Enter giving passcode when prompted.

4. Enter a gift amount, choose a fund, and click Next.

5. Personal info will be pre-filled; click Next.

6. Change payment method by deleting the saved card or bank account info, and entering new info. 

7. Click Process.

Your new payment method will now be saved!  

Getting the Word Out

People will not use Text-to-Give if they do not know it is an option! Consider actively promoting this new tool for the first few weeks and be sure to provide periodic reminders. 

1. Introduction. What we've found is our partners have good luck with promoting their numbers and having members save the dedicated number to their contacts. During service, small groups, and conferences encourage them to take the step of saving your number right then and there so they have it handy. 

2. Pass the Plate. In the moment you encourage your congregation to give, remind your congregation that they can set up a recurring gift with just one text. No more checks to write each Sunday!

3. Sunday Morning. Dedicate a permanent section in your bulletin and Sunday slides; with instructions on how to begin a gift along beside your assigned text number.

4. Leverage Text. Send an outbound text message inviting folks to text "Give" back to that same texting number!

5. Printed Collateral. In public areas post signs like in the church lobby, Children's nursery, and cafe. 

6. Emails. Send an email to your mailing list to extend reach. 

7. Website. Explain the process on your websites home page -- this will help it from becoming buried on your site. 

8. Social Media. Promote on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites that members of your congregation frequently visit.


Need to Update Payment Method?

  • Simply text "update" and after inputting a PIN, all info will be loaded. From there, users may make changes to the payment info and the new details will display for the next gift.
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