Tips to Increase Weekday Generosity

Data shows that 70% of giving happens outside of Sunday. The highest giving day of the week? Tuesday. Generosity is becoming an everyday event, yet the “when” is only the beginning.

The "why" is also important to know and follows users feeling connected to your church. Below are three steps you can take to make the most out of the Tuesday trend.

Build Connection Through Sharing Sermons

Once the sermon is over, be sure to have the content available within your church app prior to Tuesday. Making it easy for people who weren't able to attend to access the content. Giving follows deeper connection, typically as the third or fourth feature chosen by an app user.

Share your Ministry Needs to increase Community

Do you have a building campaign or a missionary to support? Choose Tuesday as the day to go live during the peak weekday for generosity.

Create Engagement With A Push Message

To help "push" users back to the app on Tuesday, send a notification letting them know new sermon content is available inside your app. 




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