Processing Fees: Frequently Asked Questions

How are processing fees taken out each month? 

The full amount of the gift is deposited; on a monthly basis, processing fees are aggregated and automatically debited from the bank account provided on the merchant application. 

On our bank statement we see a fee for "PaymentSpring" & "TSYS." What's this?

  • ACH deposits will display as "PaymentSpring."
  • CC deposits will display as "TSYS."

What is the monthly cycle for each of those charges?

The amount due will be auto-debited on the second business day for CC and ACH amount due will be auto debited on/around the 20th of the month. 

When can I reference a fee statement? 

A statement will be available on the first business day of the following month for CC fees. For ACH, the statement is emailed on the 10th of the following month from our merchant. 

How are these statements sent?

Credit Card: A fee statement for CC fees is available online here. Once logged in, select the “Statement” tab.

ACH: A fee statement for ACH fees will be emailed by NTS to the contact email address on the merchant application.


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