Custom Video Upload: Setup

There are two ways to share videos inside your app using our standard or custom setup (version 23.0.0+). The standard video feature pulls content from YouTube or Vimeo based on the channels, albums, and playlists that you have created via those services. The custom video feature allows you to link each YouTube or Vimeo video inside the aware3 portal to customize the order. This article will help you with custom video setup.


Let's Get Started

Series Selection


When app users select your video feature, they will be given options of your "series," whether that means your individual sermon series, various types of video content, or maybe by chronology.

  1. From the App tab, click the "Details" icon for your video feature. The first window allows you to organize and customize how series display in-app.
  2. Click “Add Series” to begin creating categories.

Series Design

1. Series Title. Once “Add Series” is selected, you may begin popping in series titles (e.g. Sermons, Baptisms, New Member Videos, Worship, etc.)

2. Series Thumbnail. This graphic will display for the series (600x600 PNG or JPEG). Note: Thumbnails are required, even if you decide to use the same graphic each time. The system will request images be uploaded prior to saving changes.


3. Series Page Header. Above each individual series thumbnail, an image may appear in the upper portion of the screen for more design flexibility.


  • Series Header Image (Portrait) - 640x400 PNG or JPEG
  • Series Header Image (Landscape) - 1136x200 PNG or JPEG

4. Video Feature Header. Above the series thumbnail, an image may appear in the upper portion of the screen in the header. This graphic may be added by hovering over the feature in the portal and selecting the "Edit" (pencil) icon.


  • Video Feature Header (Portrait) - 640x400 PNG or JPEG
  • Video Feature Header (Landscape) - 1136x200 PNG or JPEG

Video Selection


Once app users select a series thumbnail, they will be able to view the individual videos.

Video Design

  1. From each series level under the “Edit Series” scroll to the very bottom of the “Manage Series” page and click on the blue “Add Video” button.
  2. Title. Add the name you would like to display for each video added.
  3. Video Provider. From the dropdown select either Vimeo or Youtube. You may have videos from both providers as well.
  4. Video ID. Locate the ID (e.g. - the video ID is 141809866)
  5. Subtitle. Include more details around videos by adding info like name of the speaker or date.
  6. Description. Create more context around individual videos by adding descriptions for each.


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