Using the podcast feature is a much more intimate way of getting information to your members rather than reading it from an email or from a website. Podcasts also allow your members to listen to your sermons or daily devotions on the go. At any moment they can open your app, click on your podcast feature and be encouraged and uplifted in a matter of minutes.


Getting Started:

To pull in your podcast to your app, you will want to add our podcast feature to your home screen. Simply click on the plus button in the top right hand corner of your screen on your App Tab. Once you select the plus button, you will see a list of all the available features to you. Scroll until you find “Audio, Podcast.” Select Audio, Podcast and click “Add Feature.”

Adding Your Podcast Feed:

Once you have added the podcast feature to your apps home screen, the next step is to add your podcast feed to your podcast feature!

If you have your podcast listed on iTunes, simply copy your iTunes URL (example) and paste it into the URL field box in the podcast feature. Your podcast will automatically pull in! 

You are also able to pull in your podcast by copying your podcast’s direct RSS feed (example) and pasting it into the URL field box within the podcast feature.


Check out our short video on how to add your podcast to your app below!



Q. Can I upload an MP3 or MP4 file to the podcast feature?

A.Today there is not a way to upload MP3 or MP4 files directly to the podcast feature in the aware3 portal. You can always upload those files to iTunes and create a podcast to pull in through the URL iTunes provides.

Q. How do I create a podcast on iTunes?

A. Apple provides a very helpful resource that will walk you through the different steps in creating a podcast through iTunes here: https://itunespartner.apple.com/podcasts/ 

Q. My podcast isn’t showing in the aware3 portal when I copy and paste my podcast URL. What’s going on?

A. Send us a note at support@aware3.com and our team will take a look behind the scenes to see what is happening!

Q. My podcast feature in app says “No results Found”, why?

A. You could be seeing the message “No results found” because the wrong URL is being pulled in or the feed you are pulling in doesn’t have any content on it yet. Send our team a note at support@aware3.com and we will dive in and investigate!

Q. Why can I not hear my podcast audio in-app on my iPhone?

A. If you are unable to hear your podcast audio in app on your iPhone, double check and make sure the volume button on the side of your iPhone is toggled ‘on.’ If your volume is toggled off and you can see a little orange line, after toggling your volume on, you should be able to hear your podcast!

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