Church Community Builder: API Services

There are several CCB API services that we tap into, saving you time and getting the latest-and-greatest into your end users' hands.

To update the services, log in to your CCB management console. From there:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click API
  3. Create the API user, if necessary:
    1. Click the Add a new API User button
    2. Use the following information to create the account:
      • Aware3 API for name
      • aware3_api for username
      • unique, complex password for the password
      • Aware3 for the Organization Name
    3. Click Save
  4. Click the Users tab, highlight the appropriate account and click the Name link under API User Account Details
  5. Click the Services tab, and highlight the following services:
    1. area_list
    2. campus_list
    3. create_individual
    4. form_list
    5. group_profile_from_id
    6. group_search
    7. group_type_list
    8. individual_id_from_login_password
    9. individual_profile_from_id
    10. individual_profile_from_login_password
    11. individual_search
    12. meet_day_list
    13. meet_time_list
    14. online_giving_insert_gift
    15. public_calendar_listing
    16. transaction_detail_type_list
    17. update_individual
  6. Click Save
  7. Email the new Aware3 API Username ("aware3_api" - not your personal CCB username) and API password to so we can hook up the wires!
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