Church Community Builder Profile Sync

CCB profiles can be synchronized with Aware3 with the click of a button. When a user gives through Aware3, adds their profile to your app or many other Profile-related functions, the system can search for the existing user in CCB and associate the profile information - or create it, if it doesn't exist.

We've summarized some of the most commonly-asked questions:

  • How do I enable CCB synchronization?
    • Check that your CCB API setup is complete. A new API service (update_individual) is required for profile syncing. 
    • Within the Aware3 console, click People > Profiles. At the top of the page, click Settings, and check the box next to the "Synchronize Church Community Builder profiles?" option.
  • Can I receive an email when profiles are created in CCB?
    • Yes. Under PeopleProfiles, click Settings and check the box under the notifications option. This will subscribe your email address to the notification list, and will shoot you a note every time a profile is created in CCB.
    • Each administrator who wants to receive notifications will need to log into the portal and enable this option. 
    • Note that email notifications are only generated when profiles are created in CCB, not when they are matched or updated. 
  • How are matches made with CCB profiles?
    • Matching for profiles follows the same logic as matching during giving. For full details, click here.
  • Will the sync send profile pictures to and from CCB?
    • No, not at this point.
  • How does multi-campus affect profile synchronization?
    • If your CCB instance is multi-campus, any newly-created profiles will be created on your Main Campus. This only occurs if no match is found.
    • Full multi-campus support is on the aware3 roadmap.
  • What happens if I merge the new profile with an existing one in CCB?
    • In this scenario, after the new profiles is created you decide to merge it with an existing CCB profile.
    • If the merged profile "winner" is the new profile - aware3 will continue to update the newly-created profile as usual.
    • If the existing profile is the "winner", the next time an update is attempted, same matching logic will occur as detailed above, and match based on email address.
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