Church Community Builder Gifts: Matching & Writeback Process


For Church Community Builder-integrated partners, we offer the option of searching for, matching and writing gifts into CCB for gifts given through any channel (web, app, or text).

Matching Process

When a user gives through any channel, the following logic will determine which CCB user profile is matched:

  • If the given email address does not exist in CCB, no profile is matched
  • If the given email address does exist in CCB, then
    • If only one user has said email address, the profile is matched
    • If more than one user has said email address, then
      • If one user's first name matches, the profile is matched
      • If more than one user's first name matches, no profile is matched


If a profile is matched, the gift is written and associated with the matched profile.

If no profile is matched, by default we create a user profile with the supplied email, first name and last name, and match the gift to the newly-created user.

In either case, the gift record will be waiting in CCB for you to process under Online Gifts > Create Transactions with either the matched profile or the new one.


You may choose to disable the process of creating profiles, so that you can decide what to do with your unmatched gifts. If you chose this route, the gifts will remain disassociated (with no profile) and will be written into your Online Gifts > Match People queue.

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