Live Stream: Adding an Existing Live Stream Link

Live Stream lets you connect with your church family no matter where they are located! While on vacation or from the comfort of their home, your members can participate in worship and follow along with Sunday sermons. If you already have a live stream (other than through YouTube), follow these instructions to make your live stream accessible in your app. 



Getting Started:

To add your live stream to your app, we suggest using a link feature. A link feature lets you house a single URL behind a button inside your app. To add a link feature to your app, simply select the plus button icon in the top right hand corner of your App tab within your portal.




Once you select the plus button in the top right hand corner of your App tab, a list of all the available features will appear. Scroll down the list until you see the “Link” option. Select the Link feature and then select Screen_Shot_2020-03-16_at_4.52.35_PM.png.




After you have added a link feature to your App tab, you should see it appear toward the top of your screen back on your App tab. Hover your mouse over your newly added link feature and select Screen_Shot_2020-03-16_at_4.54.48_PM.png to open this feature and add your live stream URL to it.




To add your live stream URL to your link feature, simply copy your live stream URL and paste it into the URL box. Below the URL text box, you will see a list of different options of how individuals will interact with your link.


  • Open in a new window: this setting has individuals leave your app completely when accessing your link by opening the link in a full, external mobile browser (such as Safari or Chrome).
  • Open internally, but open link in a new window: this setting opens your URL in a new window inside your app.
  • Don’t link to an external app to open this link: this setting stops other native apps (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) from opening when the link is selected.
  • Leaving all of these options unchecked will open the link internally within the current window they are in, inside of the app.

Making your Live Stream button visible in app!

Once you have added your live stream URL to the field box and chosen your link setting, the next step is to upload a feature button image and toggle this button ‘on’ to be visible inside your app! To add a feature button image, on your App tab, hover your mouse over your live stream button and select the pencil icon. Here you will be able to label your newly created button “Live Stream” within the title section, and upload your button image.

 ***Note if you want to display a wide tile image in your app for your live stream button, you will need to upload both image sizes, 300 x 300 and 600 x 300. 

Once you have uploaded both image sizes you will see a circular checkbox appear below each image size. Here you can check off which image size you would like visible in the app.




Don’t forget to click Screen_Shot_2020-03-16_at_4.58.50_PM.png to toggle on your Live Stream button so it is visible in the app for your church family to view.

Where can I create a Live Stream?

There are several different ways to create a live stream. You can create a live stream through YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo ( YouTube and Facebook provide free live streaming options. Your YouTube Live Stream does need to have been created for 24 hours before you can stream through it.

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