Child Check-in

How does your child check-in feature work?

With the barcode check-in feature, our role at aware3 is to store the physical card a parent would typically scan and place it on their device. This will either generate a new QR code or host an existing ID inside the app.

child_check-in.png      child_check-in_create_new_barcode.png

How would we tie families to the code created in the app? 

This step will take place in your church management system. We see this feature most commonly with Church Community Builder and Planning Center Online, although any QR reader child check-in system will work. Again, this does not change your check-in process; it simply allows the app user to kick off the process from their phone instead of from a physical card.

Any special scanner needed to read the QR code generated? 

When looking for the scanner, the only requirement is it's "2D" compatible. Click here for the QR Code scanner that we've tested an recommend to our church partners.

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