Promote Your App on Your Website

An effective way to promote your app without any work is to cross-promote your app on your website.


1. Mobile Website Banner

Adding a banner to your mobile website allows visitors to go straight to your app on iOS. See an example:


There is one piece of code to insert in your website header:

  • Visit your app's iTunes page online:
    1. You can get to your iTunes page by logging in to and on the Dashboard selecting your short URL in the upper left-hand corner
    2. When taken to the new page, select the App Store icon Screen_Shot_2017-07-17_at_9.49.52_AM.png:


  • Identify the app ID parameter (with Renew as the example): id1126444481

Or shoot us a note at and we'll get you the value.

If your website is on Wordpress, a convenient plugin exists called AppBanners. It is available for free and once configured, the plugin will add the banners for you.

2. Promotional Image on Your Website

In parallel, you can promote your app on your traditional website homepage.

The design could consist of your logo, home screen, or highlight available features. Below are some examples from church partners:




3. Dedicated Page on Your Website 

Looking for a more interactive experience? Why not showcase your app like we did here to bring each feature to life when users click on the images. To pop your screenshots into a mockup, Placeit is a great resource.



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