Promoting Your Mobile App

Your mobile app is an amazing resource for your church that can have a quick and meaningful impact.  Like most things in life, however, its impact will be proportionate to the effort you put into promoting it.  With millions of apps available today, it's important to make it easy to find, download, and use.
Below are 5 proven methods our church partners are using to drive awareness and adoption of their mobile app.
1.  Mobile Browser Banner Ad
Including a mobile browser banner ad is one of the most effective and easiest things you can do to drive awareness and downloads of your app.  It's safe to say that traffic to your website through a mobile browser is skyrocketing.  By adding this banner, when users go to your website on their mobile phone, it will display a large banner highlighting your app and provide one-click download access.  Learn more about how to add a banner ad
2.  Push Messages
A powerful tool for your church, push messages provide interactive, realtime updates on your ministry. App usage and giving have a direct correlation to push message activity as the messages often serve as a reminder of the church beyond Sunday.
3.  Social Media
Today, visitors will often check out your ministry online before even stepping inside your doors. Facebook or even Twitter provide another way to discover what your church is all about, while current members can follow what is currently happening in the church and continue to build relationships. 
4.  Church Bulletin and/or Sunday Announcements
Paper bulletins and announcements continue to play a large role in the Sunday experience (for now).  During announcements, encourage people to register for events right from their seat.  Include the smart QR code on your bulletin.  Make your app part of your regular weekly process.  Anytime you reference your website, reference your app. In many ways, your app is better than your website because people can interact with it in the moment, versus hoping they remember to go to your website when they get home.    
5.  Link on Desktop Website Homepage
Your desktop website is a great place to promote your app and linking directly to it from your homepage is important.
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