Outbound Communications Overview

We’re always talking about building connections with your users and members of your congregation. That’s why we offer various channels to communicate and engage with them. Whether via push messages and using notifications as an opportunity to guide them back to your app for new content, or shooting them a text to provide valuable information. All work together to help keep your congregation engaged and informed in real-time.

App Push

Push notifications provide value to your app users and don’t end up forgotten in an inbox. Instead, they’re front-and-center and provide updates when your users aren't actively using your application. Of course, there's also the added ability to send to a subset of users through groups, to give personalized information as well as target a location.

  • Geo-targeted Notifications. You have the ability to establish a radius around a pre-defined area. As your app users enter the area, you can set your app to push a message to them.
  • Group Notifications. Cater messages that fit well among the various segments of people in your church. Whether it's to share verses with the Men's Bible Study, or notify parents of an event being canceled, you can be sure your message reaches the right subset of your audience.

Text Broadcast

Texting is a universal way of communicating and is another way to cut through the noise and reach people wherever they are. Users don't need to have your app installed; you can add their direct mobile numbers and reach their text inbox directly. It's a guaranteed way to ensure your message is seen immediately and eliminates the possibility of getting lost in the shuffle. 

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