Text Message Delivery

Why do text messages occasionally not send to my members?

Every text message that's delivered across any mobile carrier (e.g., AT&T or Verizon) is evaluated by each company in real-time, and is either rejected as spam or accepted and delivered to the mobile user.

Some guidelines to keep in mind that, though not 100% as carriers use machine learning to constantly change what's approved and what's not, will help with message delivery rates:

  • Keep the messages short and meaningful
  • Shorten URLs (using a service like bit.ly or the like)
  • Do not send only a URL as a response; instead, start the message with a short piece of text and then use the shortened URL
  • Use standard sentence structure and capitalization; avoid using all-caps

Bottom line, each message that's delivered to carriers is evaluated in real-time as to whether the message is spam, and is either accepted or rejected immediately. Carriers constantly evolve and change their opinions on what does - and does not - constitute a "spammy" text message.

By following the guidelines above, your delivery rates will be as high as possible across the various carriers!

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