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Are you currently using our text-to-give and text-to-act features? Promoting of this feature will be very similar to that of your app; including your number and keywords in the bulletin, on your website, and sprinkled throughout conversation.

In addition to these paths, we've witnessed huge success from our partners through encouraging members during announcements to pull out their phones on Sunday morning and save the dedicated number to their contacts.

Take it to the next level and communicate these services by adding a "Text Us" button within the walls of your app. Providing a dedicated button where congregants may view, click, and have an sms kicked off automatically. 

Let's Get Started

1. You'll want to have your assigned text number handy. Don't know it by heart? You may reference it any time directly in our aware3 portal under the  tab and selectingfrom the dropdown.

2. Using a "Links" feature, the link popped into the "Address" section will follow the following form:

sms://(Text Number)/&body=(Keyword)

3. From there, it'll be adding in a "Name" that you'd like to appear within the app.

Note: With keywords that are two separate words (e.g. Small Group), to format the address you'll want to place "%20" between the two.


Invite a Friend to Church

You can create an option within your app for your members to invite a friend to church via text depending on the type of device your member has. Using the "Links" feature, the link popped into the "Address" section will follow the following form:


sms:///&body=enter you message here!

You will want to use "%20" after each word you use in your message. For example if you are wanting your message to say, "You're invited! Join me at Aware3 Church on Sunday @ 10:30 am" you will want to use the following format:  




sms:///&body=enter your message here!

For Android devices you do not need to use %20 after each word within your message. You can simply type out your message in the address box. For example, You're invited! Join me at Aware3 Church on Sunday @ 10:30am.


Encourage Individuals to Download Your App:

You can also add your church's short link to your message, so the individual who receives this text message can quickly and easily download your church's app! 

iOS: sms:///&body=You're%20invited!%20Join%20me%20at%20Aware3%20Church%20on%20Sunday%20@%2010:30%20AM.%20%20

Android: sms:///&body=You're invited! Join me at Aware3 Church on Sunday @ 10:30am

Note: Make sure there are no spaces between the end of your message and your short link if you are adding it.

Your Member's Experience:

In app when your members click on your Invite A Friend button, they will see two different ways to send a text message. They can send a text message on an iOS (Apple device) or an Android device.



After your member selects the type of device they will be sending a text message from, they will be directed to the area on their device where they can send and receive text messages. From there your members will be able to enter their friend's phone number and click send.




Once the text message inviting an individual to church has been sent, you will also see an app link for your friend to download your church's app quickly and easily if your app's short link was added to the format above.




Do you need this button added to your features list to get started? Shoot us a ticket at and we'll get this added in.  


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